How to paste over karpety

How to paste over karpety

From time to time motorists have desire something to change in internal shape of the machine, to make tuning of salon. At the same time it is possible to manage small expenses – try to paste over salon karpety.

It is required to you

  • - glue;
  • - karpt;
  • - scissors;
  • - degreaser;
  • - roller;
  • - construction or normal hair dryer.


1. Address to shop and find suitable material for covering. At the same time you look not only at color, quality and the price, but also at karpet roll width. At full banner of salon, together with ceiling and doors, rather big width (previously measure it by tape measure) is necessary, the joint will look ugly. Check that material well lasted up and down share thread.

2. Choose the gluing structure which you will use. You should not save on glue, the quality and adhesive strength of the karpet with the basis will depend on it in many respects. Except strength characteristics pay attention to susceptibility to temperature moisture conditions, lack of toxicity. It is very convenient to use glue-aerosol.

3. Dismantle from the car everything that is possible – plastic elements around the gearbox, thresholds, door handles, doors, etc. Begin banner with simple plastic parts, so you will be able to be trained and fill hands. Then you pass to plastic parts of irregular shape, further to the surfaces sheathed by material – to ceiling, doors, the torpedo, hoods.

4. Cut out part of the suitable size from piece of the karpet. For covering of very difficult elements try to sew part from several parts, a little smaller size than it is required that then it is a little to stretch of it.

5. Carefully wash up and dry up surface before work. Wipe with the degreasing structure not dissolving plasticity (gasoline, white spirit, acetone or normal means for washing of ware).

6. Apply adhesive layer on surface and on inner side of material, wait for drying. For reliability you can put two-three layers, every time waiting for drying.

7. After the last adhesive layer a little dries up (not less than 20 minutes), apply karpt to car part. Try to get at once so that it was not necessary to remake, level, smooth folds, stretch material if it is required.

8. After karpt will accurately sit, heat part by means of the construction or normal hair dryer. Paste over big part gradually, small sites, every time trying to obtain dense adherence. Consider that when heating glue will melt and matter will be pasted tightly in several seconds therefore you do not hurry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team