How to paste over the fridge

How to paste over the fridge

The amazing collection of stickers on the fridge will save the family budget from expenditure for the new equipment! Pick up sticker under complete kitchen or just bright and appetizing, and the envy of guests is guaranteed to you.

  • - Fridge sticker;
  • - Scissors;
  • - Soft rag.

1. First of all the fridge it is necessary to wash up, defreeze carefully it and to take out all products which are in it. If on it small stickers, transfers and other nonsense have been pasted, then try to get rid of all this, then the film will lay down more exactly. If your fridge has become covered with rust here and there, then these places need to be smoothed out, degreased and covered with anticorrosive structure.

2. That to make everything accurately and without defects, it is necessary to remove handles and rubber sealant. Sealant it is necessary to unbend and unscrew screws, usually in this place a lot of dirt which, naturally it is necessary to wash accumulates. If you have bought the film which is not specially ordered for your fridge, and simple self-adhesive, then you need to measure the surface of the fridge to know film expense.

3. Begin to glue film from top to down with blousing - superfluous it is always possible to cut off. Carefully separate corner of paper basis of film and paste evenly strip, carefully removing paper and smoothing film with soft rag. Bend edges under sealant, make an incision corners. Do the same with other sides of the fridge. Of course, it is better to buy the film which is specially made for pasting of the different sizes of fridges. She is let out with colourful prints and bright drawings, perhaps and to order the individual drawing if you need something special.

4. The PVC film with which paste over various surfaces exists two types - cast and calendered. Calendered make rolling between two hot rolls, it turns out thicker, but is cheaper than cast (80-100 microns). This film is glued only on plain surface, unlike thinner (50 microns) cast which can be pasted also on the car as it is more elastic. It is better to choose cast film for pasting of the fridge - she will perfectly repeat all ledges of subject and will not come unstuck at temperature drop. On such films the gluing layer is applied with diagonal grooves that the formed air bubbles could be squeezed out to edge. The cast film is convenient also that without application of certain force finally it is impossible to paste it, that is situation it on the pasted-over surface can be changed and corrected.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team