How to paste polyfoam to wall

How to paste polyfoam to wall

Polyfoam or expanded polystyrene are often used for warming and sound insulation of walls, it is one of the most effective and inexpensive materials which are not making heavier wall. Depending on circumstances, polyfoam can be fixed in several ways: flooring, investment in furring, by means of mechanical fixture fungi, anchors, pins. One of the most convenient ways – it is simple to paste polyfoam to wall.

It is required to you

  • - polyfoam plates;
  • - glue.


1. Choose glue for polyfoam fastening, at the same time the main thing that the structure did not contain organic solvents (acetone, gasoline, air and so forth) as they can dissolve expanded polystyrene. When choosing consider operating conditions; if you are going to paste over with plates knowledge facade, glue surely has to be frost-resistant and if it is necessary to warm and isolate walls of shower cabin or the basement, pick up the moisture resistant gluing structure. Have well proved frost-resistant front and tiled Budmayster glues, liquid nails and the Den Brauen silicone sealants, the Perlfix construction adhesive (from series of KNAUF), glue for tree of Titebond II, Dracon, even the PVA normal glue (the truth it not water racks). Attentively read the instruction before application. Besides, you remember that viability of solution and other characteristics at different types of glue different.

2. It is possible to paste polyfoam or expanded polystyrene practically to any wall, including concrete, brick, plasterboard, to plywood or magnesite sheets. For more reliable fastening drill in wall of opening and hammer with the hammer polyethylene dowel fungi. Have them at identical distance, on corners, in the middle; if plates big, then several dowels on one leaf are necessary. It is good if the hat of fungus takes several sheets at once (in corners or on perimeter).

3. At first try to paste small piece of polyfoam on the imperceptible site of wall. If everything has turned out, start pasting of all surface.

4. You apply glue on wall in chessboard order, pointwise. In the most responsible places smear glue with thin layer by means of the palette. If you work at the street, consider that warming of walls should be made at temperature not below 5? Page.

5. Apply the foam plates to wall surface and press for several seconds or minutes (depending on density of plate and material of wall). Level joints of plates on level or by means of plumb. After drying close up joints between plates polyurethane foam.

6. By means of dowels fungi it is possible to lay the foam plates so that polyurethane foam is not required. For this purpose separate each plate of polyfoam into two layers and paste the first layer. Mount fungi so that their "hats" acted on surface of this layer, and to them paste the second part of sheets so that joints did not coincide with joints of the first layer.

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