How to paste vinyl sticker

How to paste vinyl sticker

It is possible to paste vinyl sticker quite simply. For this purpose it is only necessary to stock up with office adhesive tape and sharp scissors. If the sticker has the big size, then it is the best of all to glue together. In set with sticker surely there has to be one trial on which it is possible to be trained.


1. The sticker consists of three layers: paper substrate, vinyl sticker and transparent assembly film. It is recommended to put it at temperature above +10 °C. All operations have to be performed in the closed and well lit room. In this case street dust and bad weather will not affect the end result.

2. At first the surface has to be correctly prepared. Before gluing carefully wash up the car. The place on which the sticker will be applied has to be clean. To receive the best result, it is possible to degrease in addition surface by means of special means.

3. Lay sticker on plain surface. Well iron it doctor blade. The sticker will remain on assembly film during removal of paper basis. Further it is possible to make fitting. If your sticker has several elements which will be located as a result separately, then cut off them from each other. Accurately define to what places it is necessary to put elements. By means of thin office adhesive tape fix them on the car. Separate parts of sticker can be located on two elements of body at once.

4. Separate corner of assembly film from paper substrate, and then paste it to the car. Accurately separate paper basis and extend it from under sticker. Then begin to paste sticker. Extremely it is not recommended to separate all substrate at once. You watch that all elements of sticker were well pasted to the car. They should not remain on paper basis. Then well iron doctor blade all elements of the drawing. Thereby you remove roughnesses and possible air bubbles. After that it is necessary to be engaged in unsticking of assembly film. Leave sticker under assembly film for 30 minutes. After that begin to unstick it accurately.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team