How to paste wall-paper - partners

How to paste wall-paper - partners

By means of wall-paper the cozy situation is created and the room interior is updated. That the space did not look monotonous, it is possible to use wall-paper partners for dressing of walls. If competently to combine colors, patterns and the sizes of the drawing on wall-paper, such finishing can change any room.


1. Pick up oformleniyachtoba option wall-paper became decoration of the room, but not background just for decoration, consider various options of wall coverings. Along with monophonic wall-paper, it is possible to apply various combinations to pasting of walls: inserts of contrast color or the bright drawing on all space, use of photowall-paper or thematic panels.

2. Pick up basic color Before choosing wall-paper, define color tone of the room. Considering assignment of the room, it is possible to change health of the person by means of specific shade. For example, green – color of rest and tranquility. Its shades will approach rooms where you will be long time. Orange tone are good for auxiliary accents in kitchen, the dining room and the living room. If you decorate the children's room, choose joyful yellow - it is pleasant to all children. The blue color weakening and creating feeling of rest will become sure bet for the bedroom.

3. Pick up colors-kompanyonyesli you have defined basic color of wall-paper, pick up one or two auxiliary shades. There are several principles of their selection: monophonic, harmonious and contrast. In the first case the additional shades vary within basic color, for example dark green, green, light green. For more brisk interior select additional tone of wall-paper according to the principle of harmonious combination of flowers. So, green will be suitable for the basic lime and lime or color of sea wave and blue. If the dominating color yellow, additional becomes orange and egg or lime and lime. If you want bright and effective design of the room, stop the attention on contrast complementary colors. For example: red – green, yellow – lilac, orange – color of sea wave.

4. Pick up the drawing of wall-paper partners according to style of interior. Beautifully background wall-paper in combination with traditional strips or flower patterns looks. If your interior is sustained in classic style, use imprinted vegetable ornament with combination of all tones. The drawings having something in common with assignment of rooms will be suitable for kitchen and the dining room: images of utensils or appetizing products. If you are interested in modern style, pay attention to geometrical drawings - they effectively underline furniture and hide construction defects.

5. Place emphasis on stenechtoba to change space, it is not obligatory to paste identical wall-paper partners everywhere. Effectively the room in which only one wall differs from the others looks. If you want to place emphasis on specific part of the room, take bright covering for its decor – it will become original background for any subject. For creation of illusion of big space photowall-paper or photopanel are irreplaceable. If you want to expand borders of the small room, find photowall-paper of suitable subject which is in harmony with basic color of interior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team