How to pasynkovat pepper

How to pasynkovat pepper

Pasynkovaniye is removal of weak side escapes and also trimming of tops. It is carried out during care for many vegetable cultures including behind pepper.

It is required to you

  • Pepper 25 cm high, sharp scissors.


1. Correctly executed pasynkovaniye gives plant more than forces for formation of fruits. Begin to pasynkovat pepper, only when its height is 25 cm. After successfully executed pasynkovaniye the bush of pepper will begin to develop in breadth, side escapes will grow stronger - all this will positively affect harvest. Pinch off only weak escapes, and the strongest stepsons who are in the region of stalk leave. It is considered that it is enough to maintain side escapes in number of 5-6 pieces. If to carry out pasynkovaniye it is not accurate, then pepper will soon get sick, will throw off inflorescences and can die.

2. Begin pasynkovaniye with the fact that remove top part of stalk. And in upper part of stalk choose 5 pieces from side escapes: they have to be the largest and strong. Cut off the weak and thin escapes located in the bottom of stalk. After that the plant will begin to grow more actively, forming compact form of bush. On strong escapes future harvest will be formed. Consider that pepper are plant collective: it does not like grow one by one. Therefore they can be landed nearby from each other. At pasynkovaniye the next pepper create favorable conditions for growth.

3. You do not carry out pasynkovaniye to hot and droughty season. At very strong sun the side escapes create shadow for plant and also protect root system from drying. Direct sunshine do not get directly on the soil. Therefore moisture at roots remains longer. What is very important for such hygrophilous culture as pepper. If the plant is ill, then postpone pasynkovaniye until its absolute recovery. If you tear off excess escapes now, then it will only worsen condition of plant and can lead to his death. You carry out pasynkovaniye to cool weather: so the plant will better transfer disposal of unnecessary escapes.

4. Pepper likes to grow in the close neighbourhood with each other. You do not carry out pasynkovaniye if your plants are planted enough far apart. The pasynkovaniye is the forced procedure. You hold it only in urgent need if really you see that the plant needs it. For example, pepper has side branches on which there is no ovary and flowers. If stepsons have developed not really strongly, then leave them: they do not disturb, and, on the contrary, promote moistening of the soil under pepper.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team