How to patch hole

How to patch hole

Gypsum cardboard is widely applied by preparation of walls for finishing. It provides smooth surface in rooms, creates sound insulation and has fireproof properties. However during repair you can easily damage gypsum cardboard blow of the hammer. The formed holes cannot be proshpaklevat as plate durability in place of failure is lost. Many change the spoiled gypsum cardboard for new. But there are cases when manipulation is accompanied by serious intervention in ready interior.


1. Try to patch hole in gypsum cardboard. You can make such repair without the assistance of the expert.

2. To close up hole of the small size, cut out from gypsum cardboard piece twice more long than hole and slightly narrower it. Pierce patch approximately in its center. Carry out through it piece of rope and bind nail on the end.

3. Patch on edges finishing mortar, you can use putty. Hold patch for rope, move at first one, then second end into hole.

4. Pull rope so that the patch has densely drawn near the back surface of gypsum cardboard. Now accurately cover deepening with plaster or the hard putty prepared in advance. Cut off lace.

5. At the last stage of small renovation of the damaged surface of gypsum cardboard impose layer of finishing mortar, moisten it with water by means of brush and level the smoothing hammer.

6. If on the surface of gypsum cardboard more volume damage was formed, then knife cut through gypsum cardboard on horizontal line to fixing racks.

7. Carry out cuts further to the middle of racks. Then make two longitudinal sections. Now take out the damaged site of gypsum cardboard from wall.

8. Separate saw two wooden bars, insert them between racks. Screw or beat these bars so that they became support for edges of the bearing gypsum cardboard and for future patch.

9. Cut out piece from gypsum cardboard by the sizes of that part which was removed and beat it to the place of the formed hole. Putty joints of patch, then stick with painting tape. The final stage - jam the repaired place solution to hide patch.

10. When the restored surface with hole in gypsum cardboard is painted with paint or stuck with wall-paper, you will not be able to find the ill-fated place of failure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team