How to pave the way to crops

How to pave the way to crops

The good harvest depends on quality of the soil and its preliminary preparation. It does not make sense to sow vegetable culture to the unprepared earth, fruits will grow small, and plants will be constantly hurt. That to avoid it, it is necessary to start preparation for landings in advance.


1. If you sow seeds in boxes, then gather the earth in kitchen garden or buy soil in shop. Remember that tomatoes cannot be planted to the earth in which last year eggplants, pepper or potatoes as they treat to one family grew. Also do not gather the earth from the greenhouse, it contains many microbes which cause diseases of plants. If you want to add bank sand to soil, then previously calcinate it that all bacteria have died.

2. For disinfecting of the earth warm up it in oven, but after that introduce the fertilizers corresponding to vegetable cultures which are going to be put to this earth. At warming up do not forget to stir slowly periodically soil. After that you can safely start crops of seeds on seedling. If you do not want to pave the way, buy already ready and disinfected land in shop. It is possible to put in it at once as all nutrients necessary for healthy growth are added to it.

3. Crops of some vegetable cultures need to be made to the open ground at once. But that to make it, the way needs to be paved to landings since fall. Before winter dig up kitchen garden, so it will become impregnated with moisture and part of weeds will die. In the spring dig up the site again, and already then you can start forming of beds and bringing in mineral fertilizers. You can use humus for improvement of quality of the soil, but manure cannot be brought directly in soil, plants will burn down.

4. After that let's the soil stand a little, about 2-3 days. Carry out crops of seeds in time, but be guided also by weather patterns. During growth fertilize plants mineral fertilizers, especially if the soil at you on the site is exhausted and cannot give all necessary for vegetables. Because of the wrong preparation of the soil for landings the productivity decreases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team