How to pay utility payments by installments

How to pay utility payments by installments

Payment of utility bills is one from enough problematic articles in the Russian economy. Service providers complain of consumers who do not want to pay. Consumers abuse suppliers, claiming that they have draconian prices. Meanwhile, debts for the provided services grow, and in the housing sector changes little.

Very few people know that at payment of housing and public utilities the service installment payment works. However, it is resolved under certain conditions and to not all categories of debtors.

Having studied all information on preferential categories of citizens and opportunities of granting payment by installments, address to your management company which has to provide such option of payment.

To have opportunity to pay housing and communal services by installments, you need to be, first of all, the conscientious payer. Such right is granted only to those who does not abuse and has no debts for the communal flat. So, according to the statistics, not everyone can count on payment by installments.

Do not try to look for appropriate section in the receipts even, management companies try not to advertize such option and do not specify information on it on information leaf.

Besides, payment by installments is provided only if the sum added for the last month is 25% more than payment which from you was raised during the same period a year ago. Granting payment by installments on fee of housing and public utilities happens on the basis of introduction of payment for utilities by equal shares within 12 months, including and month from which it is provided. However, it should be taken into account that at such form of payment from the consumer also percent are removed. Their size does not exceed the refunding rate size increased by 3%.

Percent are not raised only if the performer receives compensation of means at the expense of city or other regional budgets.

According to rules, the consumer can refuse the right to pay payment by installments further, previously having paid the remained debt. Besides, it should be taken into account that if at the consumer any privilege for fee of housing and public utilities already works, when granting payment by installments, its size will be reduced by the sum of privilege which the consumer already receives.

The main problem connected with acceptance of payments by installments is that the additional staff of accountants who will be engaged in such payments is necessary. It is necessary to print out payment orders every month, and, respectively, and to do recalculations. Payment by installments is unprofitable also to service providers – on them all burden on payment lays down. And payment by the consumer of additional percent does not bring special joy to them and nullifies all initiative of legislators – there is a wish to overpay to nobody even if percent will be minimum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team