How to pick apples

How to pick apples

Practically on each seasonal or personal plot 1-2 apple-trees grow in our country at least. And most often these fruit-trees prevail in our gardens thanks to the unpretentiousness and ease of cultivation, both in the southern regions of Russia, and in midland. In bumper-crop years, as a rule, even one apple-tree gives enough fruits that all family not only enjoyed apples in the summer and in the fall, but also has reserved their certain quantity for the winter and spring. And in order that fruit were better stored, it is necessary to organize harvesting process correctly.


1. For a start determine exact terms, when to collect apples. First of all it depends on grade. However degree of maturity of fruits is also influenced by weather patterns, quality of watering, fertilizer which have been used during growth. Therefore, defining degree of maturity of apples, rely not only on reference books, but also directly on exterior and tastes of the fruit removed from tree. Also pay attention: if from tree the intact fruits begin to be showered, it also is one of signs of maturity of apples.

2. Harvesting needs to be begun with the lower branches of tree, gradually moving ahead to average and top. Where height of arrangement of apples allows, they are removed hands, without additional tools. From higher branches the fruits get by means of special adaptation – the plodosbornik consisting of funnel with "ears" and long pole. By means of pole you lift the tool on necessary height, and then, having taken apple funnel that the fruit stem has got to "ear", tear off fruit from branch. Such way is more convenient and safer than use of ladders and step-ladders since allows not only to secure the collector against falling, but also to reach apples on the top of tree.

3. Both hands, and plodosbornik it is necessary to remove apples from tree very carefully, making on them the minimum mechanical impact. Besides, picking fruit, you watch safety of fruit stems since it increases the term of their storage. Also avoid availability of bruises, damages of peel and wormholes. storage to the room with temperature about 0 degrees, for example, to the basement. And the harvest will please you still long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team