How to pick eggs for incubator

How to pick eggs for incubator

Bird's eggs contain all substances, necessary for growth of baby birds. In the time spent in shell certain temperature condition is necessary for germ for what it is necessary to carry out correctly both collecting, and storage of eggs.

The baby birds who are in shell can receive the correct conditions for normal development in the natural way, that is at incubation by hen, or artificial – when the incubator is used. Timely gathering and the correct relation to preservation of eggs is of great importance for posterity which is supposed to be received in the artificial way.

Collecting and storage of eggs for young growth conclusion

The eggs intended for conclusion of baby birds from the slot collect at least, than twice a day. If they too long are in slots, in the spring it can lead to overcooling, in the summer – to lowering of incubatory qualities because of high temperature.

Eggs should be got from slots still warm then to place for cooling in the dry, clean and cool room. Zalezhivaniya of eggs in slots should not be allowed. Their presence is capable to awaken nasizhivaniye instincts which lower yaytsenoskost in birds. Besides, at birds the habit to rasklevyvat eggs and to drink them can be formed. After the bird lays egg, its temperature and bodies of mother is almost identical. Cooling down, contents of egg begin to contract, in it negative pressure is formed. The result – on blunt end of egg gradually turns out air chamber, through shell time in it number of air is sucked in. If the slot crude and dirty, with gathering eggs it is necessary to hurry – together with air microorganisms, mold disputes which are capable to cause damage of eggs and even death of germs will get there.

What conditions should be met when gathering eggs

The eggs picked for incubation should be stored before bookmark in horizontal position, from time to time overturning. Indoors air temperature has to be no more than twelve degrees. Air humidity should be maintained by about 75-80%. What rather batch of eggs will be put in incubator by, that the viability of baby birds will be higher, and the brood – is stronger. If to store eggs for a long time, the risk of underdevelopment of germs which can die is high, without having hatched. Or baby birds hatch, but turn out quite weak. Preferable storage lives of eggs before bookmark in incubator at different birds are not identical. It is better to use chicken and indyushiny eggs in 5-7 days after they are born. Duck – in 7-10 days. It is possible to keep goose eggs before bookmark no more than fifteen days. The egg intended for incubation has to have regular shape, shell uniform and smooth, the yolk has to be almost motionless. At selection of their eggs it is necessary not only to examine outside, but also to check by means of the egg tester. The arrangement of air chamber has to be in blunt end of egg. As for the size, average eggs best of all will approach. Weak baby birds are brought from small – to keep and grow up them will be difficult. Large eggs can appear with two yolks – they do not suit for incubation.

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