How to pick up and razmastit plants that in the dark room it became cozy

How to pick up and razmastit plants that in the dark room it became cozy

Even for the apartment of the small area with the windows which are unsuccessfully oriented in terms of parts of the world it is possible to pick up plants which will decorate it and will recover situation.


1. Can seem that in the small apartment there is no place for houseplants. But it not so: even in the small square it is possible to create several "green spots" which, without reducing it, will be able to give depth, visually to expand space.

2. When choosing preference has to be given to plants with rather thin foliage as you should not shade already small room.

3. The wooden floor and ceiling reduce illumination therefore, choosing plants, it is necessary to stop on those which well grow at insufficient lighting. In this case the low furniture less shading the room will be better to look.

4. Need of placement of the same plants for places with different illumination inevitably leads to the fact that some of them cannot be in optimal conditions for themselves. However such arrangement is caused by creation of effect of "integrity", and problems of lighting can be solved by replacement of normal lamps at sofa on daylight lamps.

5. In the bathroom, where lighting practically same as on dividing wall, the florist with plants it is possible to place over cabinet. The composition subject at the same time is kept. Here it is possible to put gustotsvetkovy asparagus, spatifillium Wallice and chamaedorea graceful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team