How to pick up bathroom furniture

How to pick up bathroom furniture

Owners of spacious bathrooms quite often ask question of expediency of acquisition of special furniture. And, as a rule, the issue is resolved in favor of purchase, with furniture it is much more convenient. Things it is possible to store more, and all of them will be splashproof also dust. Besides, to store tubes and bottles on the shelf far more esthetically, than on sink sides.

It is required to you

  • - Moydodyr;
  • - cabinets;
  • - regiments;
  • - racks.


1. First of all decide on set. In the standard bathroom only Moydodyr will go in. Or you can manage the small shelf under mirror. In larger bathtubs it will be possible to place several shelves or even locker in addition. In solid spacious bathrooms you can give vent to the imagination: to buy full-fledged set, to equip the home day spa, etc. It is necessary to remember that furniture in the bathroom has to be combined on style with plumbing, besides, it has to be with it in one price range. Magnificent furniture will ridiculously look together with the cheap acrylic bathroom.

2. It is extremely important to choose correctly Moydodyr. It is the special piece of furniture including locker/curbstone for sink, the built-in sink and mirror. Moydodyra began to enjoy not smaller popularity, than usual sinks on pedestal like "tulip" as help to save space in the bathroom. Moydodyra happen on legs, suspended and to socle. The last – the most widespread as their assembly is very simple: it is only necessary to put curbstone and to build in sink. Moydodyra on legs establish in those bathrooms where pipes pass on floor. Well, and suspended – fasten to wall that is quite problematic. Table-tops of moydodyr can be made of glass, metal, marble, fibreboard and tree with moisture-proof impregnation.

3. Also hinged cabinets cases began to win popularity. They suit the standard bathroom, under them it is easy to wash the floors, they are convenient and functional. If this option nevertheless is unacceptable for you, stop the choice on compact racks and shelves. However you remember that behind them permanent care is required: will constantly settle dust on things. Furniture can be made of glass, metal or MDF with moisture resistant impregnation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team