How to pick up bulbous for landing in garden

How to pick up bulbous for landing in garden

The choice of bulbous plants is huge. Besides traditional tulips, narcissuses, lilies, etc. it is possible to meet also unusual flowers. For example, huge kardiokrinum, reaching 2-4 meters in height or peculiar tigerflower and ferrariya. We understand how to pick up suitable option for garden.


1. Landing bulbous together with long-term flowers solves problem of ""empty bed"" during the spring period. In the summer perennials will cover with the foliage deflowered bulbous. It will allow to create bed of continuous blossoming from early spring to fall.

2. The basic rules of joint landing of perennials and bulbous consist in the following. Bulbous land between perennials small groups 10-20 pieces. Especially picturesquely group landing of narcissuses, hyacinths, tulips and muskara looks.

3. Choose bulbous, capable grow without change long time. Each 4-5 years muskar, belotsvetnik, erantis replace, snowdrop, ornithogalum, Juno and iridodiktium (bulbous irises), kamassiya, pushkiniya, hiodonoksa. Time in 4-5 years transplant lily, adder's-spear, hazel grouse chess, crocus, to glade, narcissuses, to merender.

4. Perennials have to ""cover"" blank spaces after bulbous, well hosts, gipsofila, viol, pyrethrum, etc. cope with it.

5. If you are going bulbous to plant annual plants after outplanting, choose early-flowering - hyacinth and tulips. Treat early-flowering grades of tulips ""Candy Prinze"" (light lilac), ""Krim Ice"" (white), ""Monte Carlo"" (yellow), Diana (cream), Electra (bright red), etc.

6. In semi-shady location muskar, Scylla, iridodiktiuma, belotsvetnik, adder's-spear, merender, korolkoviya, pushkiniya, crocuses, hazel grouse chess perfectly feel. Under trees, besides stated above, it is possible to land narcissuses.

7. Melkolukovichny plants will be suitable for landing to the Alpine hill. The most unpretentious: muskar, two-sheeted and Siberian glade, proleskovidny pushkiniya, crocus. Perfectly the autumn crocus, dwarfish tulips, merender, belotsvetnik looks in rock garden. Tekofiley needs the shelter for the winter in midland. The viol, sedums and kamnelomk will be good neighbors for bulbous.

8. Some bulbous blossom in the summer therefore they can safely be landed together with annual flowers, and to dig out for storage in the fall. You plant gladioluses group on 5-8 pieces and surround them with suitable annual plants, for example, large-flowered portulak, undersized marigold, ageratumy, petunias, lion's pharynx, etc. In the summer the ferrariya (June), ksifium (July), tigerflower (July-September), lily blossoms.

9. Simultaneous joint landing bulbous and the perennials demanding change and updating in similar terms will be ideal option. For example, each 2-4 years it is desirable to replace hazel grouse imperial, tulips of class 13.14 and 15 and perennials - aster Alpine, gaylardiya, gelenium autumn, doronikum east, coneflower, viol horned, nivyanik, etc.

10. As green hedge or for landing along fence use tall lilies or kardiokrinum. Height of kardiokrinum depending on grade can reach 100-400 cm; in average zone it needs mulching and the shelter not only for the winter, but also before autumn frosts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team