How to pick up ceiling plinth

How to pick up ceiling plinth

Ceiling plinth — boundary element between wall and ceiling. The correct approach to its choice will allow to operate in a sense the room and to create in it cosiness. To pick up ceiling plinth, it is necessary to pay attention to form and the drawing, the size and type of this element of interior.

Form and drawing

Ceiling plinth — element which allows to give to the room refined and accurate look. When choosing special attention needs to be paid to plinth form. It has to be in harmony with interior. For example, if the room is issued by tree and contains carved wooden furniture, it is better to choose similar fillets which will emphasize luxury of interior.

If the room has furniture minimum, best of all will approach it simple plinth, without elaborate inserts. It is not necessary to be afraid to buy the plinth having the simple drawing and the simple form. The fact is that the it is simpler these factors, the it is more convenient to join fillets.


It is very important to decide on width of future plinth at once. If the room through passage and small, wide the fillet even more visually reduces space. It is in that case better to stop the attention on narrow level. Respectively, the wide plinth will suit spacious and big rooms because it will give it the importance and will emphasize its sizes. For the long and narrow room the fillet is also best of all to choose wider. The fact is that the thin ceiling fringing will even more visually extend the room that will create disproportion of all room. The size of plinth depends also on height of rooms. The narrow fringing will be suitable for low ceilings, and for wider it is worth buying the fillet wider.

Plinth type

The market represents to attention of buyers polystyrene foam, foam and wooden fillets. If to speak about expanded polystyrene, It should be noted that it is easy and flexible. In order that to cut it, the sharp knife is required. Surface of such products white and smooth that saves from need of the subsequent painting of plinths. Expanded polystyrene — strong material therefore on its surface it is difficult to leave dent. Its flexibility perfectly is suitable for frame of smooth designs from gypsum cardboard. On plinth from polyfoam it is not necessary to spend a lot of money as they cost little enough. However this material has domain structure. If during the work with it to use not sharp knife, polyfoam will be just pressed through, and from body of plinth round pieces will escape. Besides, on such plinth it is very easy to leave dent. The wooden plinth can be chosen as that who is not sorry on beauty and durability of money. This material expensive and very beautiful. Despite this, it is difficult to join wooden plinth, and not to correct any oversight in this process any more.

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