How to pick up ceramic tile for the bathroom

How to pick up ceramic tile for the bathroom

The ceramic tile is applied to finishing of walls, ceiling, floor and other plain surfaces. Represents both simple square plates, and beautiful mosaic. Producers offer both inexpensive options, and exclusive design collections. Therefore facing by ceramic tile allows to implement any ideas.

Getting ceramic tile for the bathroom, consider some regularities. For example, pay attention to artificial lighting. Light registration can change considerably shade of the tile chosen in shop. The vertical drawing will visually make ceiling higher. Dark tone will turn the large room into small, and light, on the contrary, will broaden it. The large and bright drawing of tile will reduce space, and the small ornament will increase it. Remember that the glossy surface at artificial lighting glares therefore the sight will quickly tire.

The choice of classical option of finishing will be the universal decision for normal bathtub. For walls pick up tile of light shade, and for floor tile is a little more dark. Walls can be decorated with suitable border. Consider registration option in warm, for example, terracotta flowers. Make the decision on more radical registration of bathtub, having chosen tile of the contrast colors combined in one decor. Choose it taking into account features of your bathroom. Pay attention to design from east motives. Popular Damascus and Paisley will look very beautifully if to pick up them according to parameters of your bathroom.

If ornaments from meadow flowers, wheat fields are more attractive to you, issue your bathroom in style of country. The decor of soft pastel wood tones will be combined with such ornament. Gentle-pink, cream, lavender or pale blue colors will be suitable for finishing of floor. The decor from the made old invoices and picturesque scrapes will perfectly look.

If to you the ornament and the invoice of finishing material have attracted, find out information on its technical and functional performance. In full it can be studied on packing from goods. Only learn to understand value of symbols correctly. For example, the quality of tile differs on grades, on marking of certain color. For example, the first – red, the second grade – blue, the third grade – green marking. The distinction of grades consists in number of admissible defects: from 5 to 10%. Symbolical marking about frost resistance of material, its hardness, resilience to abrasion and chemically active agents is usually clear intuitively. Therefore, choosing tile for the bathroom, it is necessary to have a clear view of conditions in which this material will be operated. Surely be guided not only by color and texture, but also by technical and operational designations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team