How to pick up color of bathtub

How to pick up color of bathtub

Twenty years ago as fashionable colors for finishing of the bathroom were considered white and blue tone. Color trends change now every year. Pay to the choice of color special attention: emotions, feelings and mood depend on it. Active colors excite nervous system, and passive - calm, pacify.


1. Do not refuse use of white color in the bathroom. It is always associated with faultless purity and order. Presence of white color generates the feelings connected with sincerity and ease.

2. The blue and blue colors causing feeling of cool are well combined with white. The classical dark blue-light blue gamma is transferred in the bathroom, as a rule, by certain art forms, such as ships, dolphins and small fishes. The main function of blue color is that with its help you visually increase space.

3. The second color which is ideally combined with white is pink which causes romantic mood. It is sign color of kindness and love therefore it will give to your bathroom the calming type of comfort and will promote decrease in aggression. If you choose violet color for the bathroom, then it will be romantic alternative to pink walls.

4. In the recent fashion trends of finishing of bathrooms color yellow prevails. First, it approaches any interior of premises without any exception because fills walls with heat and light. Secondly, it makes active intelligence as helps to concentrate attention. As ideal combinations in the bathroom are considered gentle-yellow and apricot tone.

5. Orange color is also suitable for the bathroom. It promotes energy accumulation, positively affects enthusiasm and inspiration. Orange it is good for raising of tone and stimulation of creative activity. Use it as addition to the main background.

6. All shades of green walls and floor also became popular in the bathroom. Green - the most natural color, causes feeling of stability and rest, calms nervous system, helps to make the decision.

7. Avoid in design of the bathroom of bright red color, in living conditions he warns about danger therefore he provokes nervous excitability. Besides, a lot of red color quickly tires.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team