How to pick up color of wall-paper

How to pick up color of wall-paper

Correctly picked up wall-paper is basis of any interior. With their help it is possible "to recover" the room, to visually increase or reduce it and also to hide roughnesses of walls.

Today on sale it is possible to meet various types of wall-paper:

  • normal paper;
  • the washing wall-paper;
  • photowall-paper;
  • fabric (textile);
  • natural wall-paper from papyrus, pith tree, flax;
  • wall-paper on self-adhesive basis;
  • wall-paper under painting;
  • wall-paper under stone, gold or silver
  • wall-paper on flizelinovy basis

How to pick up color of wall-paper for each room

Choosing wall-paper for bedrooms, give preference to quiet tones – pink, blue, beige. If in your bedroom there is not enough light, the problem can be solved with the help of yellowish wall-paper – they will make the room is lighter.

The best option for kitchen is the washing wall-paper of light tones with the easy drawing. Recently in kitchen it is often possible to see photowall-paper. Consider that natural wall-paper has ability to absorb smells, besides they cannot be subjected to damp cleaning therefore they are not suitable for kitchen. Correctly to pick up wall-paper for the living room and the dining room it is necessary to pay attention to room illumination. If light is not enough, the room can be clarified by means of light wall-paper of orange or yellow shades. If the room is rather lit, it is possible to use saturated bright colors. Walls in the hall are most quicker soiled therefore dark wall-paper, for example, dark blue or dark brown will become the best option.

As it is correct to pick up color of wall-paper

Correctly to pick up color of wall-paper, it is necessary to evaluate merits and demerits the room which you will paste over. Wall-paper with the rare and medium-sized drawing will be the best option for the small room. Thus it is possible to increase the room visually. You should not use dark tone which will make the room even less. Light wall-paper, on the contrary, is capable to change the small room. If the room needs to be separated into zones, it is necessary to apply bright saturated colors to emphasize borders. When choosing color of wall-paper it is necessary to consider the natural illumination of the room. Light rooms can be pasted over with wall-paper of cold tones (blue, blue, gray). To the room which is badly lit it is better to use warm shades (yellow, red, orange). Thanks to wall-paper with vertical strips the room seems to higher, horizontal strips do it lower. The drawing in the form of rhombuses can visually broaden the room. Impressive wall-paper helps to hide roughnesses of wall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team