How to pick up color of wall-paper to the room

How to pick up color of wall-paper to the room

The defining role in interior of the room is played by decoration of the walls. The easiest way to decorate walls - to paste over them with wall-paper. The huge choice of wall-paper, various by the form, the invoice, in various color gamma is presented at the market. It is quite difficult to be guided in such variety, but there are several basic rules of selection of color of wall-paper for the room.


1. For the large solar room choose wall-paper of cold tones: blue, green, violet, gray, pink. Light tone visually increase the room, and dark - burgundy, terracotta - do too big space cozier. Warm colors - yellow, peach, tobacco - create feeling of light and heat that it is good when in the room of a little natural light, and at accommodation in frigid climate.

2. For the small room choose light wall-paper with the small rare drawing - the room will seem more. The large drawing on wall-paper can be used for one wall in the small room, make other walls light. Thus it is possible to create illusion of longer space.

3. Pay attention to wall-paper with vertical strips if it is necessary "to raise" ceilings. On the contrary, too high ceilings can be "lowered" by means of horizontal strips on wall-paper. The same effect can achieve if to make ceiling of more dark tone, than walls.

4. For the children's room take eco-friendly inexpensive paper or vinyl wall coverings which will not cause allergies. As children on walls draw, they will not last long there. For the senior children use wall-paper under painting which can be recoloured as required. In the nursery do not use the "shouting" aggressive colors which influence the child excitingly.

5. At paperhanging of all apartment (from several rooms) you watch that there was no too sharp contrast. Transitions from the room to the room should not differ considerably on color shades. Get the most refined and expensive wall-paper for the living room. In all apartment of wall have to be in harmony among themselves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team