How to pick up color of walls to furniture

How to pick up color of walls to furniture

The mood of members of household, the general atmosphere in the room, emotional and mental condition of family depends on color of walls. The main criterion for selection of coloring of wall-paper or other decorative coat – design and color of furniture, its form and style of registration.


1. Consider furniture coloring. It is one of the most significant elements of interior therefore often it is necessary to choose shade of walls under it, but not under other parts of interior. If furniture needs allocation, then irrespective of its color, walls have to be soft and not contain bright ornaments. The more unusually and more originally furniture looks, the more reserved there have to be walls – quiet shades, without the shouting drawings.

2. Furniture with monophonic upholstery needs contrast with walls – they can be bright, covered with the drawing and large decorative elements.

3. If pieces of furniture do not draw attention (furniture old, in inadequate state, just ugly), then it is necessary to place emphasis on juicy and expressional walls – bright drawings and shades, pleasant. If the room small, and quantity of furniture is also not enough, then it is possible to paint walls in quiet, reserved colors, and to decorate one party with bright big picture with natural landscape.

4. Combine color of walls with the general stylistic registration of the room. If walls sharply contrast with the general color gamma, then such combinations can break harmony of registration. In rare instances contrast combinations are successful and only emphasize identity of style. In general it is recommended to adhere to the closest flowers on tone.

5. Consider visual effects. Cold shades of walls visually increase space, and in combination can emphasize with dark furniture its style and forms. Soft, warm colors of walls equally harmoniously look both with furniture of light shades, and with more dark tones.

6. Pay attention to design of furniture. If it is picked up in romantic and rural style, then it is better to leave walls light – gentle-green, beige tone, with bright contrast strips of brick shades. More solid and juicy shades – cold-pink will be suitable for interior in classic style, it is strict - blue, with minimalist design. Just for decoration in style hi-tech with its metal gloss and the muffled brightness is better to select monophonic, conservative and quiet wall finishing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team