How to pick up curtains for the living room

How to pick up curtains for the living room

The living room always in the center of attention, all family, relatives and friends exactly here gather. Respectively, registration of this room demands special approach. Curtains for the living room have to emphasize its special status, do the room festive, solemn and at the same time cozy.


1. At selection of curtains consider the general style of interior, color registration and lighting of the living room. Besides, pay attention to the area of the room and room height. If the living room not too spacious, then magnificent curtains are inappropriate. And in the huge room with high ceilings the thin and short curtains will look naively.

2. Curtains can visually increase the room if they are picked up in tone of walls. In this case it is better to choose monophonic fabric or with the small drawing. At the big area and floor-to-ceiling height safely use curtains with the large drawing, stuffed fabrics. Contrast strips visually expand walls, vertical do the room higher, counterbalances room proportions. Blue, blue and violet tone of curtains create feeling of cool, and beige, yellow, terracotta or red — warm. Too bright curtains can shortly bother. When choosing color of curtains in the living room it is better to be guided by color of furniture.

3. For classical interior select curtains from noble materials - velvet, brocade, silk. Will give solemnity of the living room of curtain with lambrequins, tulle of hand embroidery. To reproduce simple urban style, select curtains of neutral tones, in cage or strip. The Japanese curtains, curtains from light tulle or organza will be relevant to minimalistic interior.

4. At registration of interior of the apartment try to correlate to curtains on color and other textile elements - upholstery of upholstered furniture, covers for pillows, cloths, carpets. This reception will give to interior unity.

5. Best of all take measurements of window opening the tough centimetric film. At first decide on type of eaves. If it wall, then it is necessary to measure its width from tip to tip and height of panels from eaves to floor. At ceiling eaves its width and height from its bottom edge to floor in three different places is measured. For removal of the sizes it is possible to invite the designer from studio of curtains who will consider all errors of window.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team