How to pick up day make-up

How to pick up day make-up

, the most important part of image is the day make-up. He can make woman's face more expressive or, on the contrary, present it in the most ridiculous form. Therefore it is so important to manage to pick up correctly that make-up which not only will help to hide the available shortcomings of appearance, but also will emphasize all beauty of woman's face.

Be fashionable - naturalness

Distinguish two types of make-up – evening and day. And if the first – more saturated, intended for special cases, then the second is designed for daily application. Day meykap was always considered as more difficult in drawing, it should not be bright and, especially, defiant. Absolutely on the contrary is easy meyk which will allow the woman to look most tempting and at the same time as it is possible more naturally not only indoors, but also at bright sunlight.

In order that it is correct to pick up day make-up, it is important not to be afraid of experiments and to learn to use the tone or adjusting means, powder, blush, shadows, pencil, ink, lipstick or lip gloss. These main tools of any make-up will help to create necessary and suitable for you day meyk.

Difficulties of the choice and drawing

The main lines of day meykap are the moderation and naturalness. Be fashionable – the natural colors capable to emphasize natural beauty of the woman and at the same time its some defects helping to hide. The most important in make-up – good quality cosmetics and correctly picked up shades suitable under skin color of the person. There are several rules of putting day cosmetics: 1. Foundation it is necessary to choose, proceeding from face skin type (in case of discrepancy at street light it will be possible to see those places where applied cosmetic).2. It is necessary to place emphasis or in the eyes, or on lips.3. It is better to use cosmetics of one manufacturing firm. After use of foundation it is important to pick up color of shadows correctly. Girls with dark hair will suit practically all shades whereas it is the best of all for fair-haired beauties to use gentle natural colors. Exist, of course, and universal shadows which can be used when drawing daily make-up – all this shades beige, pink, blue and also gray, gentle-green and golden tone. The pencil of natural coloring will help to make eyebrows more expressive, and here ink should be chosen, proceeding from the general color scale. Naturally will help to look also ruddy. They should be put moderately, only designating the line of cheekbones. It is a little powder, lipstick or gloss will help to finish make-up. Stylists recommend to update during the day several times it to look natural and fresh.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team