How to pick up heater

How to pick up heater

The heater or the channel heater represents part of vent system which function consists in heating or cooling of air during its passing on ventilating ducts. The efficiency of ventilation of the room will depend on right choice of heater in many respects and also that, will be how rational to be used the energy used for heating.


1. Define for what purpose you need heater. In general such devices are conditionally subdivided into heaters and coolers of air. By operation principle the heaters of air are divided into electric, steam or water. Air coolers usually use the cooled freon or water.

2. When choosing heater for heating of industrial premises find out whether there is at the enterprise device generating steam. If such system is available, stop the choice on the steam heater. Industrial premises at the enterprises, as a rule, is initially equipped with the steam lines capable to continuously give steam to heater. At the same time consider that the room has to be equipped with both the incoming, and exhaust ventilation systems, otherwise not to avoid formation of drafts.

3. At absence in constant feed system of steam choose the electric heater. Such heater will be also effective if indoors rather weak ventilation. Additional plus of the electric device for heating that it does not demand laying of difficult utilities (to lay enough to heater the electric line). Pay attention to compliance of section of leading-in cable of power of the electric heater.

4. When choosing specific heater make sure that it has the fastening for mounting corresponding to parameters of your room. The arrangement of fastenings and their ability to bear the corresponding loading matters. Using the given criterion, you will avoid excess costs of alteration of the bases.

5. Before choosing the water heater, make sure that indoors where it is supposed to be established, there are sources for water heating. Use of heater of this kind is justified if it is used as heat utilizer, that is will be actually the device of selection of thermal power. The water heater in certain cases can be connected directly to heating services.

6. Quite often also devices, function which is not heating, but cooling of indoor air are required. There are two main types of such devices: one uses the cooled freon, another works as the water cooler of air. For regions with hot climate choose the cooler on freon, capable to lower air temperature by 20 and more degrees. For temperate climate will be to get water heater quite enough.

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