How to pick up kitchen

How to pick up kitchen

The kitchen is not just the place of meal, this "heart" of each house. Each hostess wants to see the kitchen, first of all, convenient and beautiful. Today it is possible to choose attractive kitchen furniture for every taste, the main thing is to be defined what kitchen is necessary to you.

How to pick up kitchen: define tseliyesl you not really like to cook and prefer to buy ready food, hardly you need a lot of kitchen furniture. In that case ideal option for you – minimalism.

Correctly to pick up kitchen, it is necessary to find out whether you will use it only as the place for cooking or it will also perform function of the living room, dining room. Perhaps, you want to place the household appliances which are not intended for cooking, for example, the TV or the washing machine in kitchen. At once decide what will be the kitchen equipment – normal or built-in. It is necessary to think how many working surfaces can be necessary for you and also consider their height. If you have pets, too it is worth to remember about them – the certain place needs to be equipped for feeding of pets.

As it is correct to pick up kitchen: style and color

Registering kitchen, it is necessary to remember that all room has to be sustained in one style. It concerns both furniture, and lamps, and decorative elements of interior.

  • Classic style. It is almost sure bet – classics always is fashionable. This style especially is suitable for rooms with high ceiling and large windows. Furniture is made mainly of tree, it looks solidly and presentably.
  • Style of country ("rural style"). All is characteristic of this style cozy and natural: wicker or wooden furniture, clay flowerpots, etc. Not all are able to afford natural wood, however MDF can successfully replace it. Household appliances are most often hidden.
  • Hi-tech. Modern style which basis are glass and metal. It is peculiar to this style: the lack of decorative "knickknacks", is a lot of free space, the latest equipment.
  • Modernist style. The kitchen registered in this style, first of all, is very convenient. Here each trifle is thought over. Modernist style assumes light tone, pleasant to eye, total absence of unnecessary bagatelles and also large number of kitchen appliances. Such interior is very functional, and today enjoys wide popularity.

If you want to pick up correctly kitchen, it is necessary to think not only of style, but also of color of registration which plays not the last role in design of furniture and the room. For kitchen furniture gray, blue and green colors are considered as successful. The kitchen registered by combination of several shades shows to advantage more, than the room of one color. For example, the combination of any color to white is capable to increase space visually. For creation of such effect it is also possible to use light furniture – lemon, pink, beige, peach or cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team