How to pick up lamps on kitchen

How to pick up lamps on kitchen

In kitchen of people spends much time, especially if the big family lives in the house or the apartment. From how the kitchen will be lit, the health, mood and working capacity depends. Low-quality, wrong or dim lighting spoils mood, the health oppresses, causes irritation. All this steadily affects quality of the cooked food.

What types of lighting should be considered, equipping kitchen?

Proceeding from luminous sources, lighting is divided into natural (solar and moonlight) and artificial (created by means of electric luminous sources). Natural lighting depends on arrangement of windows and balconies, features of glasses, time of day, availability of curtains, blinds and vegetation behind windows.

Artificial lighting depends on sources of electric light and is in power of our taste, imagination and financial opportunities. Artificial lighting is divided into three main types: the general, additional and decorative.

General lighting

This main lighting proceeding from central, the most powerful, luminous source it bears on itself the main loading. It can be the lamp which is located usually from above, under ceiling. General lighting in kitchen does not solve illumination problem in general because of the sharp shadow falling on table. Cardinal solution – creation of effect of diffused light which "dissolves" shadow and does it imperceptible. 

Additional lighting

It proceeds from wall, table and floor lamps, depends on their design, arrangement and has the different direction. By means of additional lighting it is possible to achieve pointed illumination of certain zones. The built-in lamps located over table-top more often can be seen in modern complete kitchens. 

Decorative lighting

It does not play special value in practical sense, but thanks to it the kitchen will gain completeness, elegance and refined esthetic look, and interior and kitchen furniture – as much as possible will show the expressive opportunities. Besides, the beautiful soft illumination decorating furniture set solves problem of night-time illumination if it is necessary to come to kitchen for some reason at night. The best opportunity for creation of decorative lighting effects – illumination of complete kitchen.

How it is correct to choose lamps and devices for illumination of kitchen?

The modern light industry offers various options to solve lighting problem the hands. Lamps for kitchen carry out both lighting, and esthetic role. Correctly entered in interior, lighting equipment will present feeling of beauty and comfort, will make kitchen unique. There are most various devices for illumination of kitchen furniture. What lamps will be suitable for kitchen and where they can be located?

The first that needs to be chosen – the central lamp. It has to be the most powerful. Its design and exterior can be miscellaneous. The main thing - that light was bright, neutral, white. It is worth to remember that in kitchen the shadow falling on table-tops is undesirable. Therefore it is necessary to provide side light. Wall sconces that side light has dissolved rigid shadow from the main lamp can give indirect lighting.  

Lamps clothespegs in the best way will solve problem of the directed "pointed" lighting. Them it is possible to move, have in the most right places. They do not demand additional efforts for mounting, for them enough electric sockets in several places. 

The lamps which are built in extract in upper part of cabinets and over cabinets on ceiling will light upper part of kitchen with the scattered soft light and will create pleasant decorative effect. Usually for this purpose halogen lamps are used.  

The excellent decision – the laid on lamp. Them can be a little. They will help to light face, cabinet doors, them it is possible to arrange also in the lower flat part of wall cabinets for kitchen to light table-top.  

The most effective way for furniture illumination in the decorative purposes – LED tapes. This lamp perfectly lights ceiling, easily fastens to the bottom of wall cabinets to achieve illumination of table-top. It is possible to attach LED tape to internal doors or panels to light cabinets from within. Several LED tapes it is possible to arrange anywhere – over cabinet and under it, in cabinet. Mounting of LED tapes does not demand special skills and will allow to organize interior space of kitchen due to highlighting of kitchen furniture the hands, without involvement of the expert.

Additional zones in the wide kitchen

In kitchen, things which do not belong to kitchen utensils are appropriate, but will decorate interior and will entertain you while cooking process continues. The small TV, beautiful vase with the flowers or decorative composition with candles, stones, sculptures – will recover situation, will help to pass away time and will lighten the mood. In the wide kitchen the easy convenient couch with individual lighting that it was possible to lie down or sit with the book is appropriate while broth cooks or meat is stewed.  The additional working area where it is possible to work at the computer, can also demand additional lighting. It is only necessary to consider that the kitchen in this case has to be wide that the computer table has been most removed from the place where there is hot cooking to minimize influence of steam, fat and other adverse factors accompanying culinary process. 

Do not forget that has to not only work at kitchen of people, but also have a rest. Well equipped and lit kitchen will turn normal family tea drinking into pleasant ritual, and preparation of dishes – in joyful creative occupation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team