How to pick up pillow

How to pick up pillow

How our day has ended, how following will begin in many respects depends. Therefore the healthy sleep – is necessary not simply to be operable, but also simply happy. However it can be easily spoiled by incorrect selection of ""the soft partner"" for the night. In this instruction we will tell you as it is correct to choose pillow and to what requirements our soft friends have to conform.


1. The requirement the first - quality filler. Quite often cases when in two-three months after purchase, the pillow loses half of the initial volume that can lead to constant neck pain meet. The real pillow holds the form and volume not less than a year. Also, if material cheap, then, most likely, the pillow absorbs foreign smells that too it is impossible to consider plus.

2. The second requirement - The pillow has to ""breathe"". How well the pillow passes air to check very easily: just bring it to the person and make deep breath through it. If air is passed by pillow badly, that is high probability that in it bacteria, parasites and even fungi will begin to accumulate that, certainly, it is not good for you.

3. The third requirement - Cutting and tailoring. Do not forget that filler - that is not all. Surely check whether qualitatively the pillow is stitched: the seam has to be small and equal, there should not be catches and the sticking-out threads. Otherwise, you will be able personally to get acquainted with filler at your pillow soon.

4. You for certain heard about orthopedic pillows. During sleep such pillow supports backbone and the head in anatomic correct situation that allows to unload neck and to allow it to have a rest properly. She is slightly tougher, and it is more difficult to pick up convenient option, than to choose normal model and time will be required to get used to it. So before buying this ""miracle"", think - whether you have problems with muscles of neck and whether it is necessary to you. It is most often better to buy simple, but qualitative pillow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team