How to pick up the fridge: secrets of right choice

How to pick up the fridge: secrets of right choice

The modern market of household appliances is filled with huge number of fridges of the diverse models, the sizes, designs, costs. The main thing in this sea of the equipment is to make right choice. The buyer wants that the fridge has served not one decade and it was simple and easy to use. Therefore it is desirable to obtain useful information about the bought equipment in advance.

1. In the beginning it is necessary to decide on the fridge sizes. As most often household appliances are located in kitchen, it is necessary to proceed from its sizes. Measure your old fridge which dimensions can serve for you as reference point. You should not forget also about questions of its delivery to installation site. Be not too lazy to measure outer door that there were no problems with fridge bringing. At installation consider not only the area of placement of the fridge, but also surrounding space that the open door did not create hindrances for pass.

2. Buyers cannot sometimes decide on brand. Reliable it is not possible to allocate the best of the lump of producers and. Functions and possibilities of the unit interest some, others pay attention to design, the third – for practicality of the machine therefore consensus cannot be here.

3. It is necessary to pay special attention to availability of freezing chambers of the fridge. In single-chamber there is no freezer, and bilocular fridges are models with refrigerating and freezing offices. If your family consists of 3-4 people, then the freezing chamber size in 200-250 liters quite will be suitable for you.

4. Especially study the system of defrosting of the fridge. For today two main systems - drop and No Frost are applied. Of course, when choosing system No Frost which prevents formation of ice in refrigeration chamber is more preferable. But completely it will not be possible to avoid service of the fridge at this system - 2 times a year it need to be defrozen. Fridges with drop system cost cheaper, than with system No Frost. There are also models with the combined cooling systems.

5. When choosing also the power profitability of the fridge can play important role. Of course, more economic fridges will be more expensive.

6. Also some models can have additional functions is and special shelf for storage of creams and masks, sound signal, the ice generator, tray for freezing of berries, the holiday mode, etc. Availability of these functions also leads to rise in price of the equipment.

7. The price plays the main role when choosing the fridge. It depends on fridge volume, on quantity and the system of operation of refrigerating and freezing cameras, on class of energy consumption of the fridge, on the number of compressors, on manufacturing firm, on additional functions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team