How to pick up the thermotool for carrying out repair

How to pick up the thermotool for carrying out repair

The construction hair dryer (gun) is the thermotool, irreplaceable for repair. With its help it is possible to carry out ludilny and plumbing, it is necessary for welding of plastic, laying of linoleum, shrinkage of films and set of other operations.

How to choose the thermotool

If you have decided to fill up the arsenal of construction tools with thermogun, then when choosing model pay attention to availability of function of continuous adjustment of temperature. This parameter allows to expand significantly possibilities of the construction hair dryer and to provide more flexible approach to the processed materials. The tool without this function has several operating modes and the switch which provides weak average and maximum heating.

Before buying construction gun, check whether it possesses protection against overheating. It is important that when overheating the hair dryer was switched-off independently, it will protect it from ignition, and the tool will regularly serve not one year.

Some models of guns are supplied with function of cold blowing. Using this opportunity it is possible to cool the processed surfaces, and it allows to save time spent for work. It is desirable that the hair dryer with cold blowing had the second nozzle. Such tool will serve longer, than that at which this function is carried out due to operation of the tool without heating of spiral.

Choosing the construction hair dryer, pay attention to its handle. If she opened, hand suffers from the splashes of the melted material getting on it and from heated air.

Nozzles for the thermotool

Before buying the thermotool, think what range of works you wish to capture. If you are going to carry out several simple operations, the device with small amount of nozzles will approach. If you wish that your future assistant could cope with the wide range of works, buy model with large number of nozzles and opportunity to work with separately acquired nozzles.

Power of thermotools fluctuates from 930 to 2300 W. The it is higher, the quicker work performance speed.

Each nozzle has the purpose. For example, the flat nozzle is necessary for air distribution. It is also applied to defrosting of pipes, by paint dryings. If hot air needs to be concentrated in any square, the round narrowed nozzle will approach. By means of narrow nozzle it is possible to weld with an overlap sheets of film. For this purpose blow in them in the place of overlapping by air flow at 250-400os. After that the product is rolled the roller and checked for durability. If the seam quickly is torn, means it is necessary to use current of air even more hotly.

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