How to pick up the wall clock under interior

How to pick up the wall clock under interior

Can seem that the wall clock has got out of fashion long ago. In fact, today they find popularity again and are actively used in interior design. The wall clock can become one of the most important elements of the chosen style, separate space and make more saturated color gamma.

Today the wall clock more carries out decorative, than utilitarian function. Therefore when choosing hours for interior it is necessary to solve at once in what room they will be determined.

Original models for kitchen and for the nursery

For kitchen it is possible to pick up the hours connected with food subject. Models in the form of teapots, plates, cups and various fruit will ideally look. Also more original hours for kitchen, for example, such where the dial is located against the background of fan from spoons, forks and knives meet. Besides, kitchen hours have to be combined with other elements of interior – furniture, curtains, lighting equipment, etc. As for kitchen the increased humidity and continuous temperature drops is normal, it will be more reasonable to pick up the model made of plastic, glass or metal.

For the children's room it is better to choose bright, cheerful watch in the form of animals. Not bad also the traditional cuckoo clock will look here. Choosing hours for the nursery, you should not forget that children, as a rule, differ in big mobility and activity therefore it is better to get strong model from natural materials.

The choice of hours for the bedroom and the living room

In the bedroom it is better to hang clock with quiet sound of the course of arrows. Certainly, they also have to correspond to design of the room. For example, if the interior of the bedroom is solved in classic style, wooden models with carved decor will be appropriate. For romantic style – graceful model in pastel tones. For modern style hi-tech is better to choose the electronic clock. By the way, they will silently work and will definitely not prevent to sleep. At the same time it is better that hours hung opposite to bed that, having woken up, it was possible to understand at once whether it is time to jump out of bed and to put on urgently or it is possible to luxuriate and doze a little more. In interior of the living room various experiments with style are possible. For example, the increasing popularity is found by hours of the big size in classic or vintage style. In style hi-tech will be suitable model with the big dial and original elements of registration for the living room. It is possible to decorate one of room walls with several models of hours executed in uniform style at once. In spite of the fact that today many have got used to learn time, looking at the monitor of the computer or the mobile phone, the wall clock has not lost the relevance and can serve as worthy decoration of interior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team