How to pick up tile for the bathroom

How to pick up tile for the bathroom

Preparation for repair in the bathroom begins with selection of wall and floor tile. The choice of modern materials is so big that it is difficult to the nonprofessional who has appeared in construction supermarket to understand what it is worth paying attention to.


1. Choose tile for the bathroom, proceeding from practical reasons. The safest as floor covering the wearproof unglazed tile with the rough surface serving as protection against sliding is considered. For walls the material of the first or second group having water-repellent properties and chemicals resistance will fit. All acquired tile (or porcelain tile) has to be from one party, identical tone.

2. Decide on color of tile, it sets the main coloristic background of all room. Be guided by the taste at selection of tone and the drawing, but keep in mind that for small bathrooms the designers do not recommend tile of dark colors as because of it the space will be visually narrowed. Try that tile shades on floor and walls were in the general color gamma. Do not forget that the tile of turquoise color brought from shop in the bathroom can be green because of difference in lighting. Therefore in advance do the correction on artificial light, and ask sample better to consider it properly at home.

3. Be guided at selection of tile by durability of purchase. Do not give in to momentary whims of mode: if in this season the magazines on interior recommend black-and-white registration of the bathroom, not the fact that it will suit you. Psychologists remind that this room is intended for relaxation, and promote relaxation of eyes muffled, pastel tone, for example, light pink, gentle-lilac, color of sea wave.

4. Whenever possible select material of the average sizes, not less than 20 on 30 or 20 by 25 cm. Too big tile visually reduces the room, and too small is put longer and not always accurately. Besides because of abundance of intersutural seams the bathroom is exposed to corrosion of walls quicker.

5. Be not afraid to use in registration additional elements, for example, of insert from mosaic. Especially successfully they look against the background of monophonic tile on walls. Traditional option - the panel consisting of several pieces forming pattern or the drawing. If you are interested not only in esthetics, but also functionality of decor, pay attention to bas-reliefs with the built-in hooks for clothes and even shelves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team