How to pick up tone of powder

How to pick up tone of powder

- integral part of make-up bag of any girl, with its help it is possible how to adjust small shortcomings, and just to level complexion, giving it pleasant dullness. What it is worth paying attention upon purchase and the choice of tone of powder to and how unmistakably to choose the color suitable you?


  1. It is extremely unpleasant when people around notice that the tone of powder is lighter or, on the contrary, is more dark than your natural shade of skin. Especially if you have spent rather long time in shop, choosing any given color. Remember - in salons and shops not absolutely natural lighting is rather often applied, and it can prevent you to make right choice. Find the place with the most natural and light light which would remind ordinary daylight or morning in cloudy weather. Only this way, having applied to skin powder from tester, you will be able to understand whether the difference between your skin and powder is visible.
  2. You can also use special cards with examples of flowers and shades of powder. It is necessary to hold them close to neck and chin, in these parts most often borders are the most noticeable.
  3. The same concerns also testers - distribute powder sponge or brush in these places, it is very important to shade correctly tested means to achieve the most natural effect.
  4. Color of powder also should be selected depending on texture, for example, consider that cream powder can be much more noticeable on skin (and, as a result, errors too), than friable powder which can be applied with brush accurately.
  5. If your skin - translucent, very thin and light, then is hardly worth giving you preference to yellow and cold shades of powder as you can have very sickly look. Pastel and slightly pinkish porcelain shades - the fact that it is necessary for you. However, if your skin of rather olive color, then you obviously do not choose these shades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team