How to pick up wall-paper

How to pick up wall-paper

Wall-paper - one of the easiest and elegant ways to update the room and to improve its interior. However happens quite not easy to pick up covering for walls so that it corresponded to your desires and promoted forming of cosiness. Variety of color schemes and texture of wall-paper quite often can bring into the deadlock. So by what principles it is necessary to be guided when choosing decorative wall-paper?


1. When choosing wall-paper for walls consider the sizes and illumination of the room. Rule here is as follows: it is necessary to avoid bright and large drawings in small rooms and deep dark tones in rooms with insufficient natural or weak artificial lighting.

2. Correlate color of wall-paper to shades of other elements of decor – carpets, blinds, curtains, furniture. Ideally all objects in the room and part of design of interior have to form harmoniously made color ensemble. At the same time basic color of wall-paper at all optional has to coincide with the dominating flowers of situation.

3. Choosing wall-paper for pasting of all apartment, you remember that the monotony in decoration of the walls is unacceptable as, however, also excessively sharp contrasts are undesirable. It is not recommended to combine too faded and excessively saturated tone of wall-paper, otherwise at stay indoors can flicker before eyes.

4. Registering kitchen, the hall and other rooms with the increased risk of pollution, select the vinyl wall coverings intended under painting. They can be washed or cleaned without special work from dirt in case of need.

5. For the living room pick up the elegant, but not defiant wall-paper executed on textile basis or on technology of silk-screen printing. Consider that the simple and inexpensive wall covering on paper basis rather quickly will begin to fade under the influence of sunshine and will lose original form.

6. Thinking over design of walls of the bedroom, be given on will of imagination. Being the room with the lowest level of pollution, the bedroom can be issued by wall-paper of various texture, from paper, to textile or vinyl. It is very important to pick up correctly color palette that the room had the cozy appearance disposing to rest. You remember reasonable and harmonious combination of all aspects of wall-paper: colors, invoice and decorative drawing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team