How to pick up window curtains

How to pick up window curtains

It is possible to give the finished look to room interior by means of correctly picked up window curtains. Their acquisition – difficult task as specialized shops abound with various options.


1. Before getting window curtains, it is important to decide on eaves for them. They are plastic, metal and wooden. On the nature of fastening distinguish ceiling, wall and flexible.

2. To decide on the eaves size, it is necessary to measure width of window or length of wall together with window design. Eaves on all length of wall look better (provided that the window is in the middle). In this case curtains it is necessary to get wide. If there is no desire to overpay for fabric, it is possible to add 30 cm to width of window, having received eaves length. It is better to select color or under basic color of cabinet furniture of the room, or in tone to wall-paper.

3. On the nature of the room the window curtains can be divided into products for the bedroom, the living room and kitchen. On way of fastening to eaves they are on eyelets, ties, string clips and curtain tape. By the form fabrics it is rather difficult to make differentiations as their great variety. However all curtains can be separated conditionally into portieres (dense fabric – velvet, flax, etc.) and curtains (light transparent and translucent materials – organza, veil, tulle, etc.).

4. In premises (bedroom, the living room, study) of curtain it is better to hang up in floor. Kitchen options or options for summer lodges length to windowsill is admissible or is slightly lower. To decide on length of curtains, it is necessary to know the room height, eaves type and also at what distance from ceiling it is recorded. Proceeding from these moments the curtain length which can be individual (at the order for tailoring) and standard is selected (at finished products).

5. Important part when choosing curtains for windows is their width. Products from fine fabric will effectively look if their width exceeds eaves length twice. In case of portieres the addition of two halves has to give eaves length.

6. Fabric of curtains has to be selected according to room type. Plain and light fabrics will be suitable for kitchen. The dense and heavy portieres protecting from bright light and drafts will well fit into the bedroom. In the living room it is possible to hang up intricate curtains with lambrequin, in office – options from strict fabrics, in the nursery – bright and cheerful blinds.

7. Color of curtains can be chosen according to the main tone which is present at the room. Besides, the products contrast with situation will perfectly look. When choosing the second option it is important to trace that at the room there were at least several parts of the same contrast color, otherwise curtains will contradict interior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team