How to place everything in the one-room apartment

How to place everything in the one-room apartment

The housing problem has spoiled not only Muscovites, but also residents of other cities. And how not to spoil when the majority still has to huddle in one-room apartments in which not that to put furniture, and and there is no place to be unrolled. To inhabitants of "one-room apartments" it is devoted.


1. Order sliding wardrobe in all end wall of your room. Let it will be height to ceiling. Despite high cost of such decision, cabinet will quickly pay off. In it you will be able to find room not only for clothes, but also small appliances if provide for this purpose the place. It is better if the cabinet has mirror doors which will visually expand space.

2. Hang up on shelf walls on which put books, small toys, caskets with cosmetics and jewelry. In general, in the one-room apartment it is necessary to use walls to the maximum. It is better to transfer to them the TV, columns of the home theater, flowers. Windowsills should be unloaded as much as possible from unnecessary things. Some apartments they are moved away in general, thereby broadening the room.

3. It is possible to separate the room into several zones by means of beautiful folding screen. It is so possible to organize the nursery or the bedroom. The screen easily hides in cabinet if guests come, and in the evening each family member can go about the own business in separate corner of the apartment. Also as partition the through rack to the aid can come. It does not encumber space, at the same time is accurate it separating. Besides the rack will provide the additional area for trifles.

4. Folding furniture can be good help to owners of the one-room apartment. The desk in the room is used not so often therefore can be located along wall. Kitchen furniture can also be folding. Thus you not only receive more free space, but also will get rid of conspirational tables.

5. To place in the apartment it is as much as possible things, use balcony, mezzanines and other reserves. Under the bed if it at you stationary, it is possible with boxes for storage of linen, toys and other trifle. In corner of the room suspend hammock for soft toys. Some bulky exercise machines can be replaced with compact Swedish wall. It is good to be the designer in own apartment!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team