How to place flowers on bed

How to place flowers on bed

Placing plants on bed, it is necessary to be guided by three key parameters: combination on height and form, color combination, possibility of the biological neighbourhood. Not to create awkwardness and chaos, it is better not to use at the same time more than 5-6 species of flowers.

It is required to you

  • Seedling of flowers, earth, fertilizers, water, watering can, shovel.


1. Plan bed outlines. Try not to do strict geometrical forms. It is better to give preferences to oval or rectangle with the cut-off rounded corners. Dig over the earth. Especially carefully delete roots of long-term weeds. Bring the rerotting manure or the compost earth.

2. Decide what flowers you would like to see. The bed is especially good for annual plants which can be every year different, but is invariable – bright and long blossoming. It makes sense to plant long-term flowers on jobs and the Alpine hills and if high – separate group which can become accent of all flower bed.

3. Learn whether the chosen flowers suit the available conditions. Surely find information on their biological features – the sun is loved or shadow, grow on dry or boggy soils as respond on lime application, etc. Selecting plants, it is very important that they had similar agrotechnology, differently care for bed considerably will be at a loss.

4. Draw the model of future flower bed on paper. By schematically different felt-tip pens designate where what flowers you will plant. Check whether the overall picture in the context of placement of color spots is pleasant to you. Analyze whether the correct growth of flowers on height is observed, that is whether it increases from the periphery of bed to the center. If everything is all right – start acquisition of seedling.

5. Buy plants only in nurseries or from acquaintances. Not only that accidental purchase from unfamiliar private traders can be banal fraud and, say, instead of camomiles will sell you hand bells (or on the contrary). So also with seedling it is possible "to buy" serious troubles for the soil, for example, disputes of fungi, etc. which are extremely difficult for removing.

6. Plant flowers on bed in the evening that in night they could "oklematsya" a little without threat to be burned with direct sunshine. Surely water with warmish water. Dig the earth – it has to be damp on shovel pin depth, otherwise moisture will not reach roots.

7. Look after bed that consists in regular waterings, loosening, fertilizing. Flowers on introduction of mineral fertilizers are sympathetic. When the plant needs to gather green material – you bring nitrogenous, during time of setting of buds – potash fertilizers will approach. Do not forget about microelements: magnesium, pine forest, zinc which prolong the period of blossoming and favorably influence flowers, increasing their resistance to the first autumn frosts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team