How to place furniture in kitchen

How to place furniture in kitchen

The correct arrangement of furniture in kitchen is very important for any hostess. Before repair it is necessary to think over at once where the zone for cooking with the corresponding furniture where there will be lunch zone where it is more convenient to install the fridge will be located. Furniture influences in a decisive way not only esthetic perception of the room, but also practical functions, especially in kitchen. Number of the general rules of arrangement of furniture is applied to each kitchen irrespective of its size and hardware.

It is required to you

  • Empty premises of kitchen, tape measure, sheet of paper, pencil


1. Make the plan of kitchen. Measure length and width of the room. Note exits of pipes of hot and cold water, waste pipe, gas pipe on the sheet of paper. Measure window and door, designate them on the plan.

2. Now it is necessary to think over equipment of kitchen furniture. The minimum structure of pieces of furniture is almost identical to any kitchen: fridge, washing, working surface of floor cabinet, plate. For storage of ware, stock, groceries, electric devices floor and wall cabinets are used. If the area allows, then between the fridge and washing it is desirable to have one more working surface for preliminary preparation of products. Optimum height of working surface - 85 cm.

3. In cabinet under washing the bucket for waste and the place for means of household chemicals is placed. The wall cabinet located over washing serves for drying of ware. Over plate it is necessary to arrange extract. The wall cabinet over work table serves for small tableware and groceries. The top shelf of wall cabinet has to be located not higher than 190 cm. Distance between lower face of the wall shelf and working surface has to be no more than 55 cm. In floor cabinet heavy electric devices and kitchen ware will be placed.

4. If all equipment of kitchen (fridge, work table, washing, plate) about one wall is located, then at opposite wall it is possible to establish dining table. If the equipment of kitchen is located along two opposite walls, then lunch furniture it is better to arrange at window. Having made all marks on your plan, you can go behind purchase of furniture.

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