How to place furniture in the living room

How to place furniture in the living room

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Most often the living room in the house is the main room in which all family constantly gathers. Some use it only for reception of guests. Anyway, as well as any other room, it has to be correctly arranged with furniture, for this purpose it is necessary to solve number of problems.


At arrangement of furniture in the living room it is necessary to follow rules of the organization of space. In the living room it is necessary to allocate the common area, this space around which furniture will be placed. Most often the watching TV zone, fireplaces and windows act as such center, for example.

It is also important to organize communication zone, it needs to be made the most comfortable, people have to feel freely and well hear each other. In big living rooms of such zones can be a little.

Important part of the living room are pass zones. Furniture has to be located compactly so that people could move freely about the room. One of the most widespread mistakes at arrangement of furniture in the living room is too dense arrangement of objects to walls. Always leave space between furniture and walls of the room.

Arrangement of furniture and its sizes

Arrangement of furniture in the living room differs from its arrangement a little in other rooms of the apartment since in it it is much more the movement. Therefore the sizes of pieces of furniture have paramount value. Before purchase of upholstered furniture carefully measure the room, make the plan on paper, and then look how furniture in any given its part will be located. Selecting the place for upholstered furniture, except its sizes, it is necessary to consider space for other objects. One of often found pieces of furniture in the living room is the coffee table. It has to be a little lower than seat of sofa and have length no more than two thirds of its length. Have table at distance not closer, than 30-50 cm from sofa. Cabinet furniture and also separate curbstones under the TV, as a rule, are located along walls. At selection and arrangement of cabinets it is especially important to take their exact measurements longwise and depth.

If you are not sure of how the room will look, use special computer programs schedulers of rooms. They will help you to see the end result.


The good way to emphasize furniture in recreation area of the living room is to use rug. The most often found mistake at selection of this subject is the size. The rug should not be too small. Placing furniture in the living room, you watch that all it (at least upholstered furniture and table) entirely stood on carpet.

If the space and the sizes of carpet does not allow, large-size furniture can stand on carpet only front legs, but the table and chairs have to be located on it completely.


The problem of the correct arrangement of furniture is not only in that the space as a result was the most functional, the esthetic component has not smaller value. It can achieve the corresponding accessories. Good example of their use – vases with the flowers which can be placed near entrance to the room, curbstone to the TV or cabinet.

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