How to place furniture in the small room

How to place furniture in the small room

You should not think that you will not be able comfortably to dare to place all necessary furniture in the apartment only because you do not have enough for it area. Actually, at competent planning it is possible to place any furniture even in the smallest room.

It is required to you

  • Plan of the apartment
  • Furniture sizes


1. It is possible to start planning of shift of furniture in your small room from the fact that you will multiply the plan of living space. It will allow you to understand in accuracy how the interior without the actual movement of furniture will look. Do not forget to check that the plan adequately displayed all television, telephone and electric sockets, etc.

2. Think over properly how you want to use the area of the room. At different types of the room different purposes (office for work, the dining room for lunches, etc.). Depending on it plan arrangement of furniture.

3. Make the list of furniture which by all means has to make situation of your small room. Estimate what its sizes that everything could be placed compactly have to be.

4. Draw several possible options of arrangement of furniture on copies of your room plan. At the same time consider that the first on the plan should place the biggest subject, around it to leave free space for movement about the room, and then schematically arrange smaller home decoration.

5. Choose the plan which is most pleasant to you from what you have drawn and begin to place furniture in the small room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team