How to place the TV in kitchen

How to place the TV in kitchen

The TV in kitchen will allow you to cook food, continuing to watch the favourite telecast, or to have dinner all family, watching the favourite movie. Thanks to huge variety of models of kitchen TVs it is possible to pick up that which will be ideal in all respects.

It is required to you

  • - space for installation;
  • - tools.


1. There are important rules of installation of the TV in kitchen. Large number of modern programs of kitchen decisions include elements for convenient placement of the TV. The built-in models can be placed in kitchen column. The turning gear of such TV gives the chance to adjust the screen in any situation.

2. Choose TV type. Producers offer the huge choice of the built-in, plasma and electron beam TVs intended for fast mounting in various ways (by means of special purpose tools or use of bracket).

3. Place the plasma TV in any point of kitchen (it fastens on wall). However it is necessary to consider that at plasma the limited angle of viewing therefore the best place for plasma models is opposite to sofa or table, sitting at which you will watch the favourite programs.

4. Put the Electron Beam TV (EBT) on shelf or attach to wall, using bracket. Count weight, such electric devices weigh much.

5. Avoid to place the TV before windows, especially if they come to sunny side. The soft, muffled light will not tire eyes and if you have to squint constantly because of the bright sunshine arresting attention, then and the sight can be spoiled.

6. After you have put the TV on the place, start solution concerning placement of antennas and cables without which, as we know, any TV will not be good to be shown. Look, perhaps, it will be convenient to you to hide wires in kitchen cabinets or to stretch cable from the neighboring room through small opening in wall.

7. Buy special devices of wireless cable communication which will allow to look through television programs with pleasure, without stretching wire through all house.

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