How to plan 6 hundred parts

How to plan 6 hundred parts

When you have seasonal dacha in 6 hundred parts, it is important to plan correctly it that not only all has held necessary, but also at the same time it was convenient. It is clear, that the considerable part of the earth will be occupied by the house, and its arrangement, most likely, has to be in compliance with the standard plan. But farm buildings, garden, kitchen garden and flower bed can be placed to the taste.

It is required to you

  • - Plan of the site;
  • - Folding meter;
  • - Saplings of fruit-trees;
  • - Seedling of long-term flowers;
  • - Seeds of annual flowers;
  • - Seeds of vegetables;
  • - Shovel;
  • - Watering can.


1. Draw the plan of the site on scaled paper or in one of the programs addressed to architects, for example, of AutoCAD. Designate the house and farm buildings. Depending on your needs, the shed, the summer kitchen and bath will be necessary. For economy of the place all three modules can make one building which place on some distance from the house that the smell of the made food or the burning bath did not go straight to rooms. Also provide toilet and well. Most often they are done on the internal line. The first – as much as possible bringing closer to neighbour's "institution" of similar sense that is reasonable for small sites. The second - at all very often combining.

2. Plan kitchen garden. It is desirable that it adjoined the summer kitchen – so will utilize more conveniently harvest. The size of the site which you will take away under beds depends on the structure of your family and also on whether you are going to do preparations for the winter. As a rule, for summer consumption on the place there will be enough vegetables from 1-2 hundred parts. But if you do "plantation" of strawberry or potatoes – the place for them needs also to be provided.

3. Plant garden trees near toilet and farm buildings. So you will be able to fence them a little. For family it is appropriate to plant 3 apple-trees (summer, autumn and late autumn terms of maturing), 1 pear, on 2 cherries and plums. Planting trees, separate: seeded and stone will not yield of big crops if grow together. For example, bushes of black and red currant can be delimiter. On the site it is good to have 4 bushes - the first and 2 bushes – the second. Also it is worth using raspberry brake as "board".

4. Break flower bed. Near constructions it is better to plant perennials. As option, under windows issue the Alpine hill or job - it is the types of beds differing in form and relief. Between all zones lay paths. Issue them paving slabs that will give to your site even more well-groomed look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team