How to plan the site of 6 hundred parts

How to plan the site of 6 hundred parts

Have you got garden and garden allotment in 6 hundred parts, and you would like to organize it correctly? Seriously approach issue of planning. Depends on it whether you in the next years will spend treasured time for alteration or you will quietly improve the knowledge and abilities of the gardener.

It is required to you

  • Paper, drawing accessories, general architectural development plan


1. Make the list of constructions and plantings which you wish to place on the site. It can be: residential building, garage, bath, economic rooms, orchard, kitchen garden, pond, playground, small architectural forms and many other things.

2. Make detailed plan of the site. On the plan borders of the site and the adjoining roads and also all underground services (gas pipeline, the sewerage, water supply system, etc.) have to be specified. Note sides of the horizon, prevailing winds and bias of the area. Whenever possible learn the level of standing of underground waters and acidity of the soil. If adjoining properties are already processed, not bad schematically to note the cultures of the neighbor adjoining your site.

3. Choose the space for the house and outbuildings (10% of total area) on the site. Their arrangement has to be coordinated with department of the chief architect of the area. You remember, the house has to fit into the general composition of the site. Enclosed courts, pergolas, verandahs have to make the general architectural complex with the house.

4. Note on the plan of path. Provide the device of the road and gate, passing main entrance. It is convenient for preparation of forages, fuel, pasture of animal and other agricultural works.

5. Garden and berry-pickers on the site note the uniform green massif (60% of the area). Well if gardens of adjoining properties are blocked. On average, on the site in 6 hundred parts it is recommended to plant 5-6 apple-trees, 2 pears, 6 trees of cherry and plum and on 6 bushes of smoroda, 20 bushes of raspberry and 250 – wild strawberry. For kitchen garden choose the most lit place (17% of the area). Ridges arrange from north to south. Consider the correct crop rotation.

6. For front gardens, lawn and ornamental shrubs reserve space near the house (13%). Do not place tall trees which will strongly shade the house in this zone.

7. Allocate on the plan of the vacation spot, according to the interests of family members. Mark sports grounds and lawns on flat sites. Natural lowerings of relief and boggy parts can be used for creation of pond. If in family there are children, allocate the solar site for the playground.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team