How to plan wardrobe

How to plan wardrobe

The spacious wardrobe room – dream of many women. In well organized wardrobe it is possible to store any clothes and accessories without problems, there will be place to both wedding dress and diving suit. Socks and stockings, linen and scarfs, shoes and handbags – in wardrobe everything is at specially allotted places, is not confused and not lost. It is possible to create such storage everywhere – both in the big house and in the standard apartment.


1. Ideal wardrobe, suitable for everyone, does not exist. At their planning it is necessary to consider the mass of nuances. First of all, evaluate own clothes and shoe stocks. Solve whether the clothes of all family will be stored in one place, or you will need to separate wardrobe, for example, into adult and children's.

2. Make the list of the clothes, footwear and accessories. Do not forget about linen, suitcases, sports equipment, jewelry – all that too can be stored in wardrobe. It is necessary for determination of quantity and the size of racks, shelves, reyling and other devices for storage.

3. Decide how it is more convenient to you to arrange the things. For example, boots can be stored in boxes, to establish in shoe racks or to suspend on bar in special clips. Linen can be laid in boxes of dressers, special boxes or suspended cells. Jersey is stored both on open shelves, and in boxes. Be not guided by beautiful pictures in magazines and councils of designers – think only of own convenience.

4. High sections – up to 1.5 meters – will be necessary for hanging out dresses, coat, raincoats. Width of section depends on quantity of such things in your clothes. Depth of standard section – 50 cm. Over them it is practical to locate shelves for small-sized objects – boxes with footwear and hats, folded plaids, woolen stoles, bags.

5. It is convenient to store trousers folded double, on special veshala. Height of trouser sections – up to 1 meter, depth – 50 centimeters. The same sections equip for blouses and jackets. Knitted things keep within on shelves or boxes. You should not do them too deep and high – the jumpers and cardigans laid in high piles will be rumpled. The optimum size of shelves – up to 30 cm in height and up to 50 cm in depth.

6. In the lower part wardrobe shoe regiments have. For convenience of the choice they can be made sliding. Those who has a lot of footwear can build for it separate rack. Depth of shoe sections – 30-35 cm. For expensive shoes it is worth using blocks from cedar, daily footwear can be put on plastic struts.

7. Do not forget to equip wardrobe with mirror. The mirror to the utmost is obligatory, at the request of it it is possible to complement with side shutters that there was opportunity to evaluate the suit from all directions.

8. In separate section wardrobe it is possible to arrange objects for garment care – otparivatel, the iron, ironing board.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team