How to plane bar

How to plane bar

Wooden bar – that material which is applied practically in any building today, beginning from houses and baths and finishing with finishing of garages, factory floors, etc. The bar which is used in construction surely has to be planed, then not only its natural properties remain longer, but also beauty of construction becomes several times more graceful.


1. Today it is possible to get wooden bar as ready, planed, not processed. In the second case all works on processing of material should be undertaken, but it is possible to save quite decent sum on it. Prepare construction gantry or a little (depending on the size of bars), wooden bars which it is necessary to ostrogat, and plane. In case you have no construction gantry, it is possible to make it quickly and easily of improvised materials. For this purpose take 8 wooden sticks equal longwise, 1 log of 1.5-2 meters in size, nails and the hammer.

2. Put log on goat so that it lay exactly. If wood is not processed, then previously remove excess branches and knots, skim bark and carefully dry. After sawing of preparation on its surface there is mass of various defects: roughnesses, roughnesses, etc. Correct all this planing. Plane always on grain direction. Examine wood and define grain direction, then fix preparation on workbench.

3. Take plane. Prostrogayte one part of tree on all length, having passed by plane along it, skimming at the same time wood.

4. Planing is carried out various tool: flat — unary and double planes, the scrub plane, the jointer plane, block plane, the semi-jointer plane, figured - the boxing router, the rabbet knife, mouldings, the rabbet plane, filister plane, gorbacha and other tools. It is necessary to plane up and down fibers and also perpendicular to fibers (edge planing).

5. To receive the necessary rectangular cross section, plane the first party and check it approximately: get up against light and put exactly planed (fugovanny) line or edge of the jointer plane to the processed party. Correct roughnesses.

6. Pencil make tag in the form of curve and plane the second party precisely under the square. As width of bar or board has to correspond to certain size, on the first party carry out by surface gage to risk and on it strictly in the square plane the third party.

7. After check of this party determine by surface gage preparation thickness, carry out risks on the second and third parties. On these risks plane the fourth party. Check correctness of preparation the square.

8. Repeat all above-stated procedures with each of the logs demanding processing. You remember if you have quite large number of equal bars, then it is possible to use the special grinder. If bars demand careful processing, then it is the best of all to use plane though business this and laborious.

9. Commercially use special woodworking machine. Put only well dry-through wood into operation, it is desirable calibrated, otherwise the machine should be recustomized often.

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