How to plant apple-tree

How to plant apple-tree

To plant apple-tree, it is necessary to choose in advance the place where there is a lot of light. Do not choose the place with close groundwater occurrance since they easily are exposed to frosts. Any soil will be suitable for landing, except excessively alkaline or sour. The soil, optimum for apple-tree, - dernovopodzolisty, gray forest and chernozem, in which acidity very small.

In advance we choose the place and we do landing hole. The minimum a month before disembarkation since the soil will be able to shrink is the best of all to make these actions, and subsequently will favorably influence growth of apple-tree. Depth of hole has to be about sixty centimeters, and diameter about a meter. It is the best of all to mix the soil which is taken out from hole with fertilizers of organic origin.

Perhaps, the place where in the past there were landings is chosen and the earth has enough fertilizers, in this case it is required to add to it nothing. The excessive amount of fertilizers can do much harm to plant, to be exact stimulate its strong growth, but productivity level at the same time will strongly decrease. 

On the zadernenny site it is possible to plant apple-tree in the similar way, but it is the best of all to add dolgodeystvuyushchy phosphoric fertilizers. Very simple example of such fertilizer – flour. On one hole only three handfuls of flour will be required. The best time for landing of apple-tree - the beginning of May or the middle of September. That the apple-tree well grew and yielded harvest, it is necessary to consider several simple recommendations when landing. Doing landing hole, surely count the size. Roots of sapling have to go in freely in it. Having lowered sapling in hole, it is necessary to pour carefully the earth until until roots are closed by the earth. It is not recommended to powder fertilizers extremely since there is probability of burning of roots. Consider, the root neck of sapling has to be on the 4-5th above ground level. During earth podsypaniye, it is necessary to condense slowly the soil with hands, thereby providing excellent contact with roots. At the end of landing it is necessary to water sapling with 4 buckets of water.   The saplings imparted on stocks of M9, M26 and M27 need leash to stake throughout all growth. Stakes need to be chosen strong, it is the best of all to take oak. Optimum diameter of stake is 5 centimeters, and its height of 1.8 meters. The stake when swamping has to stick out of the earth on 60 centimeters. The distance between stake and sapling has to be about 15 centimeters. The soft twine best of all will be suitable for garter. The next two years need to be looked attentively that the twine was not hardly tense.

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