How to plant avocado

How to plant avocado

To buy exotic fruit, to prepare with it original dish, and from stone to grow up unusual tree in pot – such hobby becomes more and more popular now. If you were not fond of anything of similar, then first copy in your future collection of the house plants "received" from seeds of tropical fruit with success there can be avocado …

  • avocado stone, cotton wool, matches or toothpicks, glass, plastic pots, watering can, spray.

1. Only the stone of mature healthy fruit will be able to sprout. At first it should be soaked within half an hour in hot water to avoid defeat of plant root decay. During this time it is possible to prepare mix for landing, having taken the equal number of the sheet earth, peat, humus and bank sand. The soil has to be very friable, perfectly passing air and water. Earth mix needs to be filled in plastic pot with a diameter of 15 cm. Clay will "produce" outside moisture necessary for plant. The bottom of pot has to pass water well; besides standard openings it is necessary to make some more.

2. Before landing from stone it is worth removing cover. Then seed of avocado needs to be placed in the earth wide bottom side on depth no more than 2-3 cm and to put pot to the warm light place, but not under direct sunshine. It is better to place plant at the window coming to North side, and pritenyat. The soil in pot constantly has to be damp, but not too wet. The plant should be watered regularly, and in the summer also to spray. Once a month the soil in pot is required to be loosened to provide the correct aeration to avocado roots.

3. When the sprout of avocado reaches 30-40 cm, it will be required to be replaced in the capacity of the bigger size. At the same time the plant can unnaturally be extended therefore it is recommended to do nipping periodically.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team