How to plant beautifully flowers

How to plant beautifully flowers

It is beautiful to plant flowers is the whole art. It is necessary to possess not only good taste, but also some knowledge and practical skills. First of all it is necessary to choose the strategy of creation of flower bed, strict forms and unpretentious grades will be suitable for beginners. Pledge of smart bed for the beginning flower grower - dense landings and contrast colors.


1. At the organization of flower bed it is very important to place accents correctly. Place some beautiful bed in its center. It will allow to place more favourably flowers, to draw attention maximum to them. The central bed can be both independent part of landscape, and the certain element having something in common with minor components of flower bed.

2. Remember that it is better to create one smart bed, than to be sprayed on landing of set of small. Simple lines will allow you to achieve success. The large composition always looks more attractively therefore plant flowers so that they made whole. It is good if you are able to pick up grades with the long term of blossoming, it will allow flower bed to look magnificently throughout all season.

3. In order that flowers looked is most well-groomed, give preference to dense landings. It will help to get rid also of weeds, they just will have no place to develop. Initially to have clear idea of result, use adult seedling of flowers or already blossoming plants.

4. It will be more convenient to you if you make the plan of flower bed in advance, for example, you will draw its approximate outlines on the sheet of paper. In addition it is worth making the list of those plants which you are going to plant, having broken them into groups on height and color gamma. When choosing grades it is necessary to consider also requirements to waterings and fertilizing and also lighting conditions, some plants are simply not compatible with each other.

5. If you create flower bed for the first time, then it is possible to use ready schemes of beds. Except color gamma and geometrical form, the scheme of bed usually means the ready list of all necessary plants. Such method of creation of flower bed will allow you to get experience in this sphere, and in the future you will be able to embody already own imaginations, having added already available composition or having created new.

6. For beginners in floriculture the creation of job can become sure bet. It is the peculiar bed which is densely set in flowers. The jobs located along garden paths against the background of lawn are especially beautiful, they practically do not need additional decor, and thanks to the small width of landings, to take care for flowers most conveniently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team