How to plant begonia

How to plant begonia

The begonia perfectly looks in interior of any room and on personal plots. Begonias possess positively power and are unpretentious. The fan of flowers is always concerned by question how it is correct to land and look after plants?


1. In 2.5 months before disembarkation to the open ground, place begonia tubers in in advance prepared boxes with earth mix at distance of 10-12 cm from each other. Expose box on light and evenly water, avoiding overwetting of the soil. Indoors it is necessary to maintain temperature of 15-20 °C. Before disembarkation in open soil, soil do not fertilize.

2. Prepare the site. The soil has to be nutritious and vodopronitsayema. Before landing enrich the soil with manure, peat or superphosphate. For improvement of drainage, the bed needs to be lifted slightly. Several days before disembarkation spill soil water.

3. When seedling reaches 10-12 cm in length and the root system will be well developed, it is possible to start jumping on beds. Land tubers to the open ground at distance of 15-20 cm from each other. Cover roots with layer of the earth of 3-5 cm. After disembarkation spill the soil it is also moderated. After each watering you loosen surface.

4. 2 times in month of fertilizing use bird's dung, mullein or full mineral fertilizer.

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