How to plant begonia from tuber

How to plant begonia from tuber

Begonias - flowers, very beautiful and quite unpretentious to cultivation conditions. They please the gardener's look throughout all summer, up to approach of the first frosts. It is possible to part begonia differently, but the most widespread way is reproduction by means of tubers.


1. To plant begonia family tubers it is possible to begin in March or April. At the same time it is important to choose already woken up tubers with small sprouts on them. If in February you envelop them damp fabric or moss and will put to the warm place, then by spring they will be just ready.

2. The begonia is not potato therefore it is not necessary to dig in tuber completely, leave it approximately on one third looking out of the earth. The pot for landing needs to be taken wide, but unreliable deep as the root system of plant quite surface.

3. Accurately water the earth around tuber and support it in damp state until young sprouts reach the sizes of 8-10 centimeters then tubers can be powdered with the earth completely.

4. Leave no more than two sprouts going from one tuber, otherwise the plant will not be able to develop at full capacity. More senior begonias can allow to have and the bigger number of escapes, but anyway number them should not exceed 7.

5. Very big and sprawling bush grows from the only tuber over time therefore if you plant several begonias in one box, you watch that between separate plants there was space not less than 15-20 cm.

6. In the fall after the first frosts the begonia family tubers needs to be dug out of the earth and to send to winter rest. Elevated part of plant is recommended to be cut off secateurs, having left 2-3 cm, no more. Tubers should be stored, without cleaning them from the earth, in the cool, aired room till the next flower season.

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