How to plant blackberry

How to plant blackberry

Blackberry - bush with useful and tasty black or burgundy berries. There are various grades of this plant: winter-hardy, besshipny, creeping and pryamostoyky. If you have decided to plant blackberry bushes on the site, it is necessary to know several fundamental principles of landing and care for this plant.


1. Choose the place for landing rather lit. Blackberry can grow on any soils, but at application of fertilizers the productivity of bush considerably increases. Blackberry is very exacting to soil moisture during active growth of escapes and ovaries, otherwise the quality of berries sharply decreases (they become dry, small, fall down before maturing).

2. Plant blackberry of early in the spring or in the fall. Autumn landing is more preferable to the southern areas, for other regions it is better to land blackberry in the spring as not winter-hardy young saplings can not transfer winter.

3. Prepare hole of 40х40х40 cm. Fill up roots with the natural soil, and fill other place in hole with the earth fertilized by several kilograms of the rerotting manure. Bushes put at distance about 1 meter from each other. After landing cut off sapling at distance of 25 cm from the earth.

4. For the good growth and fructification it is necessary to carry out garter and cutting of bush. Tie up young escapes in the summer in process of growth and cut off at the level of 90 cm. Cut out old stalks which will not give some berries any more at the earth and delete. At blackberry escapes two-year cycle of development: in the first year they grow, stuff up kidneys, for the second year fructify and die off. Blackberry fructifies for the second year, and after that continues to give berries regularly. At the end of summer, after fructification, cut off escapes at the level of three kidneys.

5. As the majority of grades of blackberry are not winter-hardy, before winter it is necessary to stack escapes on the earth, bending down together with support. The bases of bushes from above fill up with peat and leaves, and then throw with snow. In the spring bushes of blackberry should manage to be opened before strong swelling of kidneys and to make the forming cutting. For upright bushes the shelter can be not carried out as escapes rigid and on the earth do not lie.

6. The tick who does harm to fruits can strike blackberry gallic. The wrecker winters on bush, gets over on flowers in the spring, and subsequently and on berries. For fight against tick to obrezzhta the infected escapes, and after cutting carry out spraying of all bush by garlic infusion. For the purpose of prevention it is possible to repeat this procedure in the spring of the next year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team