How to plant bushes

How to plant bushes

Bushes, as a rule, do not demand special care and perfectly decorate the site therefore they are very popular among landscape designers. It is possible to plant bush in the center of the site or along fence that it has formed fence.

It is required to you

  • - sapling;
  • - shovel;
  • - compost;
  • - fertilizers;
  • - water;
  • - stake;
  • - garter from soft fabric;
  • - straw, bark, grass, etc.


1. Pick up successful time for change of bushes. Plant deciduous bushes late fall or in the early spring, and coniferous and evergreen – either in April-May, or in August-September when growth already stops.

2. Not to be mistaken when jumping, learn the exact name of the bush and read its requirements to illumination and conditions of growth in special literature what soils he prefers.

3. You plant bushes taking into account that size which they will reach in several years. Slowly growing bushes have at distance of 2-3 meters, but if you are going to make fence, the distance between bushes can be less.

4. Dig out hole, is about 1.5 times more than earth lump of root system of sapling. Depth of hole has to be about 20 cm deeper.

5. The earth which is taken out from hole mix with compost, on one part of the earth two parts of compost. Loosen sidewalls and bottom of hole.

6. Humidify roots of plants before landing, for this purpose submerge bush with naked roots in water at several o'clock, and plant with earth lump – for half an hour. Cut off the damaged, too long, become frozen roots secateurs, and process cut ashes.

7. Hammer stake 30-40 cm long into hole bottom. Fill up bottom with mix of the earth, compost and fertilizers. For improvement of structure of the soil it is possible to add dust-like silicon dioxide also.

8. Lower sapling to the earth, but not below, than it grew on the previous place. Trace that the earth has filled all emptiness between roots, move it in different directions. Holding plant strictly vertically, cover hole with earth.

9. Gradually condense the soil that the bush was located steadily. Act carefully not to break off roots. During charge it is possible to water a little the soil, in it case all mass of the earth will become impregnated with water evenly.

10. Create watering circle around bush, make small embankment 5-7 cm high. In this circle cover surface with grass, the rerotting manure, bark, straw to protect the soil from drying. Well water the planted bush and tie to the driven stake soft fabric.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team